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Joining The SFAET

Schools within our trust are encouraged to co-operate and share excellent practice which has been an integral element of school improvement. Every school regardless of external perception has areas of strength and areas for development. Although as a trust we promote a self-help model, a willingness to share practice and accept constructive guidance is at the core of our improvement strategy. We are very clear that each school should retain and celebrate its own individual identity within a framework of consistency in terms of key policies, processes and procedures.

It is our desire to see our trust grow not just within the secondary sector but also in other phases.

Should you wish to discuss joining our trust please contact our Executive Headteacher, Mr Paul Ward on pward@sfaet.co.uk.

Below are the truthful experiences of how joining the trust has impacted on our schools so far :

Mrs Fox, Executive Headteacher at Rise Park Academy

Rise Park Academies joined the SFAET in September 2021. We have enjoyed being part of a larger trust and benefited in many ways including working in cross phase collaboration networks, developing effective transitions from the primary to the secondary phase with our secondary colleagues, exciting teaching and learning opportunities, continuing staff career development and the advantage of being able to utilise economies of scale as part of an extended and developing multi-academy trust.

Mr Raftery, Headteacher at The Royal Liberty School

Royal Liberty School joined the SFAET in February 2017. This was not a decision taken lightly and it has lived up to all expectations. There are, of course, the benefits of savings through bulk purchases and subscriptions but the benefits and impact on the whole school community go way beyond this. Being part of a Trust provides support when needed, no better example being in the area of staffing, but I believe it is the fantastic collaboration that is the most powerful aspect of belonging to a Trust family. Across all schools there are amazing practitioners and a wealth of experience, expertise and ideas. The early collaboration at Headteacher and Senior Leadership level has spiralled throughout the school with teaching and associate staff sharing ideas and best practice routinely. The resulting confidence and empowerment is a pleasure to see. But, most importantly, the impact on the daily lives and attainment of our students, across the Trust, has been nothing but positive.

Mr Brooks, Headteacher at Sanders School

I was very keen to be able to work with a Trust which has proven experience and knowledge of bringing about positive school improvement within Havering and who are passionate and driven to ensure the best provision for all. There has been a range of support and complete cooperation between the schools and Sanders has benefited greatly from this in a number of ways.

We benefited from the expertise and support across the school in a range of areas and particularly in teaching and learning as well as leadership which has been exceptional. This support from the trust undoubtedly helped in achieving our recent Good grading from OFSTED.

On a personal level I have been able to work closely with the other Headteachers and the CEO which has been most helpful not only for support and networking but also my own development and progression.

Mr Henry, Headteacher at Redden Court School

Redden Court School is the founding member of the Success for All Educational Trust. Many of our staff have benefited from CPD opportunities to support colleagues in the other schools. This relationship works both ways and collaboration between the three schools is a real strength. All three schools have a fantastic working relationship which means we are able to draw on the expertise that each school has. This relationship ensures that students at our school get the very best offer and achieve well. At Redden Court we have a very clear vision for our community which is supported by the Trust. The level of support we receive and the financial savings we are able to make are both very welcome in today’s climate.

Joining The SFAET