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Our Mission, Vision and Values

The Trust seeks to work with other organisations and schools from all sectors to improve outcomes and life chances for all of our students.

Our name encapsulates our commitment to success for all and we strongly believe that our schools should develop a culture which is inclusive, has safeguarding at its heart and believes that every student is capable of success.

The Trust embraces Equality and Diversity with an approach that is based on the principle of inclusion. At its heart is a commitment to the value and richness that all members of our community bring to the organisation because of their diverse characteristics. These cover race, gender, disability, age, marital status, sexuality, religion, maternity and pregnancy background, personality and work style.

We believe that Teaching and Learning that is engaging and challenging for all students is vital to their success
and a vital ingredient in improving schools.

We will provide rich extra-curricular and additional opportunities for all to build character and enrich
students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness.

Our staff must be valued and developed in their roles as their welfare and wellbeing underpins the success for our
students and our Trust. The Trust will follow a business model which enables success with robust financial
management and the effective use of resources.

We value the unique character of each school and will not seek to create schools that are clones of one another but bring about school improvement through the power of collaboration. We expect that all schools and staff
within the Trust will share and collaborate.

Our Trust will be organic and will grow over time – our longer-term aspiration is to develop a Trust which has
links to a range of social enterprises and schools which are providers in different educational phases.