Our Committees

Local governance is provided by each school’s Local Committee, who focus on the school’s ethos, standards and relationship with the local community. They also provide support and challenge to the school’s leadership team.

Working together, Local Committee Members and the Trustees provide support and challenge to headteachers and school leaders to promote the highest possible standards and continual improvement.

Being a Local Committee Member is a rewarding and effective way of making a voluntary contribution to your community and to the lives of children and young people within it. Local Committee Members live or work in the community served by one of our schools and have a keen interest in the school's success.

What is a Local Committee Member?

Each of our schools has a Local Committee Member who focus on the school’s ethos, standards and relationship with the local community. They also provide support and challenge to the school’s leadership team.

Who can be a Local Committee Member?

Anyone with the time, energy and commitment to make a difference to their community. We particularly welcome local business people and individuals with skills or experience in areas such as educational standards, safeguarding, human resources, health & safety and marketing. Selection is based on the completion of an application form and skills audit, and a short interview with the Chair of the Local Committee of the school in question.

What does it involve?

As a Local Committee Member, you would be expected to commit to at least one meeting per term, usually from 6pm to 8pm, attend relevant training and occasionally complete a visit during the school day. Team work, enthusiasm and the ability to ask questions, listen and learn also play a big part.

If you are interested in becoming a Local Committee Member please contact the Executive Headteacher Paul Ward on pward@sfaet.co.uk.

Read more about our Committee Members and what it means to them to be a Committee Member below:

Mr Mike Smith, Chair of the Local Committee at The Royal Liberty School

I have taught Science for 37 years in two different schools in Havering and Thurrock. Royal Liberty school is a local school for me and following my retirement from teaching, it was an honour to be accepted onto what was then the Governing Board in 2015. I became the elected chair in 2018.

The Local Committee consists of volunteers who come from varied walks of life and hence bring a range of skills to the board. We meet formally twice a term and make school visits as often as possible. This enables us to get an understanding of the school, how it operates and the challenges that it faces. We form a strategic leadership team working closely with all members of the school and parents to ensure every boy gets the best possible education.

Mrs Tina Murray, Chair of the Local Committee at Redden Court School

My name is Tina Murray and my involvement in the school began in 2013 when my son started at the school and I was appointed to the then Governing Body as a Parent Governor. I had already been and continue to be a Governor of a local Primary School and I loved being able to give something back to the local community. Having a child at the school I was therefore fortunate to witness first hand the excellent education and support that the school offers to all its students and fully commits to the ethos of "committed to success for all”.

It was therefore a huge privilege to be appointed Chair of the Local Governing Body in November 2017 and to continue as a Trust Appointed Governor. My background is originally in the world of Finance, International Banking and Dealing in which I had a fulfilling career, albeit a little hectic at times.

We have a really strong Local Committee at Redden Court, from all backgrounds and different skills, working together as a team. We all share a common objective in that we work in partnership with all members of staff, Parents, Carers and Students to ensure that every child can succeed and reach their full potential and get the education they all deserve.

I am immensely proud of the reputation of this school and its high standards and will continue to ensure that the school remains accountable for the decisions that are made for the Students and wider community.

Mr Mark Halls, Chair of the Local Committee at Sanders School

I personally became involved with Sanders School in 2014 when my daughter first came to the school, with my son following a few years later. In that time, I have seen my children, their friends and their peers become well-rounded and well-educated young adults. I have seen many great changes in the last couple of years with the introduction of a new Headteacher, along with the strengthening of the full teaching staff and wanted to offer my full support to them. Various members of my family have attended the school over a period of 60 years, and I felt it was now time to pay back my thanks to the school which has played a part in my family’s lives over so many years.

I started my career in Finance and Investment working for some of the world’s leading investment companies. For over 15 years now, I have been the Business and Wealth Manager for a private family helping run their property and Peer to Peer bridging loan companies, amongst other roles as and when needed.

I believe that the Local Committee at Sanders School can work alongside the Headteacher and outstanding staff to continually improve the education and life skills of our young adults in our school, and to give them the best possible start to the rest of their lives. After all this isn’t just a school, it’s a family!