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Our Secondary Wing

Redden Court School

Redden Court School is the founding member of the Success for All Educational Trust. Redden Court is a successful, well-ordered and caring mixed comprehensive school for students aged eleven to sixteen.
Led by Headteacher Anthony Henry, Redden Court School has a strong tradition of academic achievement, sporting excellence and creating opportunities for students. Redden Court has local and national recognition for academic achievement and is a key feature of the Harold Wood community. The ethos 'Committed to Success for All' is central to the identity of the school and helps create a positive learning environment.
Redden Court prides itself on being an inclusive school which is well maintained and boasts excellent facilities for students.


The Royal Liberty School

The Royal Liberty School was the second school to be part of the trust. Royal Liberty School is a small all boys school for pupils aged eleven to sixteen.
Led by Headteacher Lee Raftery, Royal Liberty has seen a rapid improvement in academic outcomes since the commencement of his headship and joining the trust. The school has been recognised locally and nationally for the quality of teaching and learning which has allowed the students to reach their true potential.
Royal Liberty also has strong community ties, with well established outreach programs to both primary schools and local community groups, especially through Science and Physical education.

Sanders Draper School

Sanders Draper School is the newest member of the Trust having joined in 2018. Sanders school is a relatively small and inclusive school, which prides itself on knowing everyone of their students and where everyone looks 'to be the best we can be, by being true to our values'.

Led by Headteacher Stuart Brooks, Sanders Draper School is incredibly proud of their history and values of Teamwork, Hard Work and Transparency. The school has an inclusive approach, which is informed by the principle that a stimulating and personalised education is an entitlement for every child. The harmonious ethos and relationships underpin all that we do and provide the foundation for success.