Our Members

What are members?

Every trust has members who have a similar role to shareholders of a company limited by shares. Members have very specific powers and ultimately hold the Trust Board to account. They:

  • are the subscribers to the memorandum of association of the Trust.

  • may amend the articles of association subject to any restrictions created by the funding agreement or charity law

  • may, by special resolution, appoint new Members or remove existing Members other than, where there is one, the foundation/sponsor body and any Members it has appointed

  • have powers to appoint Trustees as set out in the Trust’s articles of association and powers under the Companies Act 2006 to remove Trustees

  • may, by special resolution, issue direction to the Trustees to take a specific action

  • appoint the Trust’s external auditors and receive (but do not sign) the audited annual report and accounts (subject to the Companies Act)

  • have power to change the company’s name and, ultimately, wind it up.

Who are our members?

Parminder Kohli

Adam Beddoe

Quenton Lennon

Maria Sotiriou