Our Members

What are members?

Every trust has members who have a similar role to shareholders of a company limited by shares. Members have very specific powers and ultimately hold the Trust Board to account. They:

  • are the subscribers to the memorandum of association of the Trust.

  • may amend the articles of association subject to any restrictions created by the funding agreement or charity law

  • may, by special resolution, appoint new Members or remove existing Members other than, where there is one, the foundation/sponsor body and any Members it has appointed

  • have powers to appoint Trustees as set out in the Trust’s articles of association and powers under the Companies Act 2006 to remove Trustees

  • may, by special resolution, issue direction to the Trustees to take a specific action

  • appoint the Trust’s external auditors and receive (but do not sign) the audited annual report and accounts (subject to the Companies Act)

  • have power to change the company’s name and, ultimately, wind it up.

Who are our members?

Parminder Kohli

Adam Beddoe

Quenton Lennon

Quenton has a background in Risk Management and currently works as an MLRO and Head of Financial Crime in an FCA-regulated money remittance service, Lycamoney. Quenton has also been a licensed Football Association Intermediary for five years where he has helped develop younger players through club academies such as Milwall FC and Huddersfield FC. He has strong interest in the development and improvement of those within education where he provides rigorous scrutiny and support .

Karen Pyle

Mike Gleeson

Maria Sotiriou