Our Values

We believe in the value and potential of every student and are determined to remove barriers to their success.

We are committed to high standards of achievement - not just academically but in a broader sense so that our young people develop values that will lead to success in life for them and their communities.

We embrace a positive mindset approach that insists everyone can make progress.

We believe that the environment(s) of our schools - both physical and emotional - are crucial determinants for success.

We want our students to be engaged, considerate, reflective and innovative.

We value our staff because outstanding learning requires outstanding teachers and associate staff. We will provide exceptional professional and career development as well as competitive employment packages. Our Multi-academy trust will be an employer of choice where the personal will always matter.

Our Multi-academy trust will retain the best characteristics and traditions of each school where school development will happen because of ambition and bespoke support.

We will deliver high quality teaching with a focus on achieving mastery of a wide range of subject knowledge and skills but which pays heed to important ‘headline’ measures which enhance student life chances.

We will provide rich extra-curricular and additional opportunities for all to build character and enrich students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness.