Best Practice

As the lead school of the Multi-academy trust, Redden Court School has been on a transformational journey of school improvement that has resulted in excellent, successful outcomes for students.

These have been about both academic success and the social well-being and development of our young people. These outcomes have been sustained over time leading to the Department for Education inviting the school to be a sponsor for other Academies. This invitation recognises that strategies that have been adopted and developed by Redden Court School succeed and that these strategies can support other schools in our locality to develop. 

As part of our practice we will use a widely understood language that is jargon-free and clear. 

- We will constantly focus on what is best for our schools and students by challenging in a constructive manner, asking probing questions and visualising the strategic picture, in terms of both the Multi-academy trust and the academies within it.

- We will ensure that staff understand and effectively carry out their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, with the ability to take risks and consider dynamic and innovative options

- We will measure and lead school improvement and drive the necessary changes

- We will ensure that all stakeholders understand the financial and the business elements of leading a Multi-academy trust, as well as the legal aspects of the role and how the trust and the business work

- We will work as part of a team and accept shared responsibility and accountability, as well as undertaking frequent self-evaluation in order to remain effective

- We will act with a strong moral purpose, integrity and honesty